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The Environment

Geiss is the only candidate for the newly drawn first State Senate District who is a League of Conservation Voters champion (2016) and who has maintained a consistent Sierra Club A grade throughout her entire service in Lansing. She is a consistent supporter of legislation and policies that protect our Great Lakes and clean air and clean water. Geiss is a member of the Council of State Governments Great Lakes Caucus and in 2016 was named a League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Legislative Champion and is a co-chair of the Michigan Environmental Justice Caucus. Geiss is acutely aware of the intersection of environmental justice, health justice, and economic justice and will continue to work on policies that improve the air and water of our communities. 


During January 2017, residents were concerned about water quality issues impacting part of her district and surrounding Downriver communities.  Geiss, along with local and other Downriver State Representatives, immediately went to work to inform residents and provide common-sense advice until answers could be received; she diligently worked to get answers from the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA), which culminated in a town hall to dissect and discuss water issues in our region. Geiss and her Downriver colleagues listened to the people and responded with direct action immediately. While on the Commerce and Trade Committee, Geiss opposed the measure to loosen ballast water requirements for vessels traveling through the Great Lakes. In 2021 during the environmental spill in the city of Flat Rock, Geiss was actively engaged in working with local, state, and federal groups and individuals in making sure that residents had access to the information and tools that they needed to navigate the crisis. 

As the State Senator for senate district 6, she was part of the Climate Action bill package and has introduced legislation to help establish our Electric Vehicle infrastructure.  

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