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Civil Rights and Human Rights

Geiss is an advocate for civil rights, human rights, and economic justice. As a state senator, Geiss will continue to work on issues that address economic, education, and health disparities for marginalized people in our state including our LGBTQ and immigrant community members. While in the House, Geiss sponsored HB 4728, which creates a non-profit legal organization contract fund to assist people faced with the prospect of deportation. In 2016, Geiss voted against legislation that restricts the ability of LGBTQ citizens from adopting children out of foster care. Geiss has also supported legislation that recognizes and expands the rights of historically marginalized people and communities in the country and state.  As a member of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus (MLBC), Geiss has authored a visionary Racial Equity Score Card, which examines critical legislation through an equity lens, and as the MLBC Executive Vice Chair, helped create the language that became the backbone of the Executive Directive that created the Black Leadership Advisory Committee. She has also been outspoken about ensuring that educational content is inclusive instead of censored. Geiss was also part of the task force that developed the requirements for implicit bias training for new and renewed licenses for the healthcare fields that the Michigan Department of Licensure and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) manages. 

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