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We need to invest more in public education so that all of our students have the tools that they need for success from early childhood to higher education, and we need to treat (and pay) teachers like the professionals that they are.  As a former educator and as the mom of two children who attend public schools in the district, Geiss knows firsthand just how important it is for students to have access to quality schools.


Further, we need to invest in robust programs and opportunities for all of our students in every school district so that Career Tech Programs and College-bound programs are treated with the same level of respect and importance. We also need to ensure that students have access to affordable higher education, whether they are going to a technical or trade school, community college, or a four-year university.


Geiss has fought against legislation that would weaken education for our students such as permitting uncertified teachers in our public schools with a bare minimum of pre-classroom training.  She has continued to fight for reducing the school counselor to student ratio from Michigan’s average of 700 students to 1 counselor, and continues to be a champion of programs, policies, and legislation that would reduce the talent gap and improve the post-secondary educational and job prospects of all of our students.


Geiss believes that it’s also important to level the playing field by reining in charter schools that are not performing well. While parental choice is important, we need to ensure that all educational options provide children with the education they need for success.


In Lansing she fought against the harsh changes to the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System; she knows that to attract great teachers to our community, we need to protect their livelihood and provide them with the resources they need to teach our students.

As Democratic Vice Chair of the Michigan Competitiveness Committee and a member of the Workforce and Talent Development Committee while in the House and current member of the Senate Standing Committee on Education, Geiss knows that Michigan will not be truly competitive or be able to attract or retain talent without investing well in its future by making sure that our schools are well-funded and that our teachers and schools have the resources and tools that they need to nurture the next generations. 

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