My name is Erika Geiss, and I am running to be the next State Senator for Michigan’s 6th Senate District.


This community is my home. It is where my husband and I bought our first house, started a family, celebrated the good times, and weathered the bad. I met amazing young students while teaching community college in the district, and their stories continue to motivate me to fight for our public schools. I’m proud to be a Little League baseball mom and to serve on the PTO of my youngest child’s elementary school. My passion for this district is why I first ran for State Representative, and serving in the Michigan House has been one of the greatest honors of my life.


As a member of this community, I share in your frustration over the poor conditions of our roads. I feel the same anger when trains are stopped for far too long at rail crossings making us late to work, school, appointments, and other life events. I experience the same fear at these crossings as I wonder what would happen if my children, family, or friends needed emergency assistance and our first responders could not reach them in time. I know firsthand that we can do better when it comes to increasing our school funding and empowering our teachers. Our workers deserve representatives who will continue the fight to repeal Right to Work, preserve Prevailing Wage, establish equal pay for equal work for all workers, and advocate for better overall workers’ rights. I know all of this because I live it with you. I make it my priority to be in the district with all of you, listening and learning about what our government is doing well and where we need to make significant improvements.


As your State Senator, I will continue to fight for our schools, teachers, and families. 

I will fight for our workers because I know that we cannot have a strong economy without valuing our workforce and supporting workers’ rights.  I will also continue to fight for our seniors because they deserve representatives who will advocate for them and ensure that their needs are met.   I have never been afraid to stand up for the people of Downriver and Western Wayne County. This is our home, and together we will make Lansing listen to our values and understand the issues.


I would be honored to have your support in this journey to Michigan’s State Senate.