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I'm proud to come from a family that has been involved with public service for as
long as I can remember. This instilled a passion in me at a young age to always
work to make my community the best place it can be for all members. I took those
values with me to Lansing when I began my journey as state Representative and
they've stayed with me as senator for the 6th senate district. Now I'm asking to be
returned to the state senate for a second and final term to continue fighting for
equity and justice. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools,
and to make investing in our infrastructure and communities a top priority. With
nearly a decade of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and amplify the voices of our residents and communities and ensure that they're heard.

There are many issues that affect us, our communities, and our state, but I am ready to continue addressing them head on diligently with vision, integrity, and substance. I am committed to working on the issues that we face, because many of the same issues that keep you up at night, keep me up at night and I know that I work for you. 


Erika Geiss is the current State Senator for the 6th Senate District and is running to serve as a State Senator for newly drawn Michigan’s 1st Senate District.  Erika has a proven track record of fighting for Michigan families and knows that the secret to building a stronger Michigan is through job development, investing in education and infrastructure, and ensuring that our representatives in Lansing work for us—the people.

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We need to invest more in public education so that all of our students have the tools that they need for success from early childhood to higher education, and we need to treat (and pay) teachers like the professionals that they are.  As a former educator and as the mom of two children who attend public schools in the district, Geiss knows firsthand just how important it is for students to have access to quality schools.


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Jobs and Economic Justice

Geiss is on the front lines diligently fighting for workers and working families, and she knows that the backbone of our economy is our workforce.   Geiss envisions an economy that works for all Michigan families, and to achieve this vision, we need smart policies such as ensuring a living wage, earned paid sick leave, and earned paid family leave (especially as many of our residents are in the “sandwich generation” caring for children and aging parents or other relatives).


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Civil Rights and Human Rights

Geiss is an advocate for civil rights, human rights, and economic justice. As a state senator, Geiss will continue to work on issues that address economic, education, and health disparities for marginalized people in our state including our LGBTQ and immigrant community members. As a member of the Michigan Houes of Representatives, Geiss sponsored HB 4728, which creates a non-profit legal organization contract fund to assist people faced with the prospect of deportation. In 2016, Geiss voted against legislation that restricts the ability of LGBTQ citizens from adopting children out of foster care. As a member of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus (MLBC), Geiss has authored a visionary Racial Equity Score Card, which examines critical legislation through an equity lens and as the current Executive Vice Chair of the MLBC, she has been on the forefront of addressing racism as a public health crisis.

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Infrastructure and Transportation

Geiss supports improved funding for infrastructure and transportation so that our roads can be fixed. But she knows that addressing state department funding formulas or fees paid by residents are not our only infrastructure and transportation issues. It’s critical that we improve revenue sharing levels for local governments so that local roads can be improved.

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Protecting the health of all residents is vitally important from infancy through their senior years. Geiss will continue to support policies and legislation that provide access to health care particularly for low-income residents and the most vulnerable in our communities. Geiss supports initiatives that provide health and wellness opportunities and information for residents of all ages and backgrounds.


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The Environment

Geiss is the only candidate for the newly drawn 1st State Senate District who has been a League of Conservation Voters champion and who has consistently maintained a Sierra Club A grade. She is a consistent supporter of legislation and policies that protect our Great Lakes and clean air and clean water. Geiss is a member of the Council of State Governments Great Lakes Caucus and in 2016 was named a League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Legislative Champion. Geiss is also a co-chair of the Michigan Environmental Justice Caucus. 


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Geiss wants to make sure that seniors have access to services and can continue to be robust and active members of our communities. Geiss supports restoring funding to such programs as Meals on Wheels, ensuring access to health care, protection from abuse and fraud, and reducing the cost of prescription drugs, and she will prioritize these issues as your state senator. She also supports eliminating the pension tax, so that retirees can keep more of their hard-earned savings.

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Women's Issues

Geiss has been at the forefront of fighting for pay equity to ensure equal pay for equal work across all job sectors. Geiss has also championed legislation for earned paid sick leave, earned paid family leave, and affordable child care. Geiss has worked on legislation to combat domestic violence and sexual assault and will continue to work to protect the lives of victims and empower survivors.

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