Infrastructure and Transportation

Geiss supports improved funding for infrastructure and transportation so that our roads can be fixed. But she knows that addressing state department funding formulas or fees paid by residents are not our only infrastructure and transportation issues. It’s critical that we improve revenue sharing levels for local governments so that local roads can be improved.


We also need to address the regulations on truck weights so that the impact on our roads is less burdensome as well as examine our approaches to constructing and repairing roads.


Our infrastructure also includes the pipelines underground and the wires overhead, and we need to ensure both short-term and long-term planning so that these systems are sound.


Geiss is the only candidate for the sixth state Senate district who has been working continuously with other Downriver legislators and community leaders on getting answers and working towards solutions to our continued issues at train crossings—it has been an ongoing battle, but Geiss is committed to finding visionary approaches and solutions to improve the issue for our residents and communities.


Geiss is also supportive of regional transit that includes Downriver and Western Wayne communities and takes into account the varying needs of our communities and residents. 

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