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Protecting the health of all residents is vitally important from infancy through their senior years. Geiss will continue to support policies and legislation that provide access to health care particularly for low-income residents and the most vulnerable in our communities.  Geiss supports initiatives that provide health and wellness opportunities and information for residents of all ages and backgrounds.


As a member of the democratic caucus, Geiss has supported legislation that would reduce the cost of prescription drugs and price gouging by pharmaceutical companies through the health care bill of rights. She is also a co-sponsor of the Patient Protection Act, which would create minimum staffing levels for nurses, who are often the medical providers we have the most direct contact with as patients.  


                                               It’s also vitally important that we continue to address and improve our mental health services and combat
                                               domestic violence, sexual assault, and substance abuse so that the people in our communities can live
                                               healthy and meaningful lives.  During her first term as a State Representative, Geiss sat on the House Standing
                                               Committee for Health Policy, and supported legislation to address such issues as the opioid crisis and the
                                               CARE Act. As a member of the State Senate, she worked closely with a broad coalition of allies to write
                                               legislation to improve the conditions and care of incarcerated pregnant people at the state's only women's
                                               prison, which ultimately became a set of policy directives by the Michigan Department of Corrections.  Geiss
                                               has also been on the forefront of legislation to provide reproductive justice and freedom for all Michiganders
                                               including leading on repealing the 1931 anti-abortion law. Now, with Roe v. Wade having been struck down by
                                               a regressive 6-3 Supreme Court, Geiss will continue to fight for making sure that reproductive healthcare and
                                               access to abortion are protected and part of a full-range response to ensuring that everybody has
                                               reproductive justice.   


                                              Geiss knows that the fight for affordable, accessible, quality medical care in our community is ongoing, and
                                              she is ready to continue this fight during a second term in the State Senate.

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