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Jobs and Economic Justice

                                           Geiss is on the front lines diligently fighting for workers and working families, and she knows that the
                                           backbone of our economy is our workforce.  Geiss envisions an economy that works for all Michigan
                                           households, and to achieve this vision, we need smart policies such as ensuring a living wage, earned paid sick
                                           leave, and earned paid family leave (especially as many of our residents are in the “sandwich generation” caring
                                           for children and aging parents or other relatives).


                                          She fought against harsh changes to pension benefits for Municipal Employee Retirees, and she fought to
                                          preserve Prevailing Wage because workers deserve to be compensated fairly for their hard work. Through all of
                                          these tough battles, she has proven to be a vocal advocate for Michigan workers and retirees, and she will
                                          continue advocating for these issues as your state senator.


                                          While recent tax breaks have incentivized companies to relocate to or stay in Michigan, some of these incentives have not led to higher wages, benefits, or improved job opportunities for Michigan workers. We need to restore unemployment to its previous levels of 26 weeks and continue to address the issues with the unemployment system to protect residents from wrongful
fraud claims.  


She will create policies that will boost employment and attract/retain talent throughout our community. As part of this plan, we also
need to address gender and racial wage disparities to ensure that all members of our community receive equal pay for equal work and are able to thrive, not just survive.


It’s time for a new, progressive approach centered in economic justice when it comes to jobs and the economy. 

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