Erika Geiss is the current State Representative for the 12th House District and is running to serve as a State Senator for Michigan’s 6th Senate District.  Erika has a proven track record of fighting for Michigan families and knows that the secret to building a stronger Michigan is through job development, investing in education and infrastructure, and ensuring that our representatives in Lansing work for us—the people.


As a state senator, she will fight for public education, access to job training and career readiness programs, workers’ rights, and economic security for Michigan families. When it comes down to it, her priorities are the people of our communities and state.  Geiss has never been afraid to stand up for the people of Downriver and Western Wayne, and that is something that will never cease.


As a State Representative, she has consistently prioritized education, jobs, economic growth, and healthy families and communities. There is still much work to be done to improve public education and its funding, access to job training and career readiness, workers’ rights, and economic security and justice.


She wants to remove barriers to success for all of our residents, and ensure that our communities have the funding to service residents and be healthy places for people to live throughout their lives.  She knows that progress requires a willingness to work as a team and to see how these priorities intersect. Geiss is diligent and committed to the people and communities of Downriver and Western Wayne, serves with integrity and substance, and is visionary in her approach to policy and legislation.  

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