Erika Geiss for State Representative
  • Erika Geiss for State Rep.
    Michigan's 12th House District

    I will fight for education, jobs and the economy, and healthy families and communities.

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  • In 2014, Elect Erika Geiss for
    Michigan's 12th House District

    Romulus, Taylor, and precincts 4 & 5 of Van Buren Township.

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  • Fighting for Education

    Let's create policy that sets all students and school districts up for success.

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  • Fighting for Jobs & the Economy

    Let's get Michigan back to work!

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  • Fighting for Healthy Families and Healthy Communities

    Let's create policy that gives families and communities the right tools to be healthy and thrive.

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While Michigan's residents are facing many issues, Erika Geiss believes that tackling the issues of education, jobs/the economy and healthy families/healthy communities at the legislative and policy levels will help create a better Michigan for today and tomorrow (More...)

About the Candidate

Geiss, the grand-daughter of Panamanian immigrants, is a resident of Taylor, Michigan, where she and her husband Doug are raising their two young children. Geiss has been involved in the community having served on the (More...)


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