Re-Elect Erika Geiss for State Representative
  • In 2016, Re-elect Erika Geiss for
    Michigan's 12th House District

    All of Romulus, all of Taylor, and precincts 4 and 5
    of Van Buren Township.

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  • On the Job in Our Community
    Working for You!

    From town halls & coffee hours to community programs & events for veterans, children and seniors, and much more, Geiss is working for you.

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  • On the Job in Lansing
    Working for You!

    Geiss will keep working for you on policy & legislation that improve education, workforce & talent development for better jobs, and our community & economic health.

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  • Working for You on Building
    a Competitive Michigan

    Geiss will continue working for you on policies and legislation that improve education, workforce & talent development for better jobs and the economy

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  • Consistently Working for Healthy Families and Healthy Communities

    Working to create policy & legislation that gives families & communities the right tools & information to be healthy and thrive from cradle to grave.

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While Michigan's residents still face many issues, Representative Geiss believes that continually addressing the issues of education, jobs and the economy as well as healthy families/healthy communities at the legislative and policy levels will help create a better Michigan for today and tomorrow. Addressing preKindergarten through post-secondary education are critical for ensuring that Michiganders can have a strong social and economic footing. We need to prioritze better investment in education at all levels and to ensure that there is equality and equity in education across the board. Along this line, investment in workforce & talent development in post-secondary education—whether career-tech education, community college, traditional college/university and professional development—will help ensure that Michiganders can have and keep jobs to sustain themselves, their families and communities. And working on improving public health polices that help communities, indivudials and families be and stay healthy and thrive are also critical issues that Geiss will continue.

About Representative Geiss

Geiss is the State Representative for the 12th House District. Elected in 2014 to the 98th Legislature, she is serving her first term. Geiss is an assistant minority whip, an member of the Progessive Women's Caucus and the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus and an officer Michigan Legislative Hispanic Caucus. Throughout her term, in additon to her legislative duties, she has continued to be involved with the community, working with both the elected officials and various community groups within the district. Representative Geiss sits on the House Standing Committees of Commerce and Trade, Health Policy and Workforce and Talent Development, and is the Minority Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. The grand-daughter of Panamanian immigrants, Geiss is a resident of Taylor, Michigan, where she and her husband Doug are raising their two young children. Even prior to becoming a member of the legislature, Geiss has been involved in the community having served on the (More...)

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