Re-Elect Erika Geiss for State Representative

Geiss2016 Re-elction Campaign News, Events & Endorsements

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Upcoming Events

The next event will be scheduled soon. Thank you to all who attended and supported the event on Saturday, March 5th at the Democratic Club of Taylor
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During the 2014 campaign, Geiss received dozens of endorsements from organizations and community leaders from across the state. To-date, Erika Geiss has received endorsements from the following community leaders & organizations in support of her re-election as the incumbent Democratic candidate for State Representative for Michigan's 12th House District for 2016. Endorsements are updated regularly.


Rick Sollars
Mayor, City of Taylor       
LeRoy Burcroff
Mayor, City of Romulus
Ellen Craig-Bragg
Romulus City Clerk
Cindy Bower
Clerk, City of Taylor

Leon Wright   
Van Buren Twp. Clerk       

Edward Bourassa
Treasurer, City of Taylor

Stacy Paige
Treasurer, City of Romulus

Linda Parker-Craig
City Council Chair, City of Taylor

Angela Croft   
Council Chair Pro-Tem,       
City of Taylor

Celeste Roscoe
City Council, City of Romulus

Alex Garza
Councilman, City of Taylor

Charley Johnson
Councilman, City of Taylor

Raymond Basham   
Wayne County

Debbie Stellini
Taylor School Board
Chair, Taylor Reading Corps.          

Bobby Masters
Vice Pres., Taylor School Board        
Al Haidous,
Wayne County Commissioner             

John Barden,    
Pres. Romulus City Council,    
Mayor Pro-tem,        

Tim Wooley
Councilman, City of Taylor   

Madeline Arkuski, Pres.
Romulus Democratic Club
Rep. Bill LaVoy

Sen. David Knezek      

Rep. Julie Plawecki   
Rep. Robert Kosowski   
Rep. Leslie Love   

Rep. Tim Greimel      
House Minority Leader   
Kathy Abdo       
Romulus City Council
Sylvia J. Makowski    
Romulus City Council
Treas. Sharry A. Budd    
Van Buren Twp.   

Brenda McClanahan      
Van Buren Twp. Trustee      

Phillip C. Hart      
Van Buren Twp. Trustee      
Emily Mixter, Pres.      
Downriver Young      

Bill Wadsworth      
Romulus City Council      
Tom Zorn, Secretary      
Taylor School Board      

Blaine Honeycutt, Vice Pres.      
Taylor School Board       
Devan Safford      
Romulus School Board      
Deborah Vogel, RN      
Ulanda Caldwell, Trustee      
Romulus School Board      



Romulus Democratic                 
Democratic Club                                
of Taylor           
Taylor Federation                             
of  Teachers             

Iron Workers Local 25         
Political Education Ctte.         
Region 1A       
Greater Detroit Building &      
Construction Trades Council      
Sierra Club       
Michigan Chapter       
EMILY's List      

Michigan Nurses     
Michigan Regional Council      
of Carpenters      
Sheet Metal Workers      
Local 80       
Michigan Teamsters      
Joint Council No. 43      

AFSCME 25   

Michigan League of      
Conservation Voters      
Michigan Professional     
Fire Fighters Union
12th Congressional       
District Democrats       
Down River Association   
of Realtors         
Michigan Association      
of Realtors      

Michigan AFL-CIO     
Michigan Fraternal Order      
of Police     
Detroit Regional Chamber      
of Commerce      
Michigan Credit Union   
League State PAC         

Michigan Assoc. of     
Police Organizations (MAPO)      
School Administrators     
Political Action Committee      
Michigan Women Win    
American Federation of    
Teachers Michigan (AFT)         

Michigan Bankers     
Political Action Committee      
The Detroit News     
Michigan Education       
Association (MEA)         
SouthWestern Wayne County     
Democratic Club          

In the News

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