Re-Elect Erika Geiss for State Representative

There are many ways to contribute. 

You can help support the campaign with a finanical contribution online, by mail and in person. Please note, the Erika Geiss for State Representative Campaign adheres to requirements of Michigan Campaign Finance Act. 

By mail
At an event/in person
We comply with MI CFA

By Mail

Checks should be made payable to The Erika Geiss for State Representative Committee. To make a donation by check, please print and complete the Campaign Contribution Form (pdf 327 kb. Form opens in a new window) and include it with your check. We cannot accept corporate checks.

Write out and mail checks to:
The Erika Geiss for State Representative Committee
24645 Muirfield Drive
Taylor, MI 48180

Online Securely

Invest in Erika with a safe, secure online contribution to the Erika Geiss for State Representative Committee through ActBlue. Choose among several options to make your grassroots campaign contribution from non-corporate accounts. (Page will open in a new tab or window.) Your generosity is appreciated and helps sustain and fuel the campaign.

In Person/At an Event

Campaign contributions can be made in-person/at an event with a non-corporate check or by credit card. (The campaign committee uses Square for safe, secure on-site credit card transactions.)

We Comply...

The Erika Geiss for State Representative Committe complies with the Michigan Campaign Finance Act. The Committee can accept financial contributions from individuals and from Political Action Committees (PACs) that are registered with the state of Michigan. The Committee cannot accept corporate, cash, or anonymous contributions. We report all contributions and donations. Donation limits are $1,000.00 per individual and $10,000.00 for PACs.

Click here for complete details about the Michigan Campaign Finance Act, its rules and regulations.