Re-Elect State Representative Erika Geiss

About State Representative Erika Geiss

With a continued focus on Education, Jobs/the Economy and Healthy Families/Healthy Communities, State Representative Erika Geiss will continue working hard for the citizens of Michigan's 12th House District (Taylor, Romulus and a portion of Van Buren Township). 

While there are many issues that Michigan's residents are facing, Representative Geiss believes that continuing to tackle and address the core issues of education, jobs/the economy and healthy families/healthy communities at the legislative and policy levels will help create a better Michigan for today and tomorrow. These issues are deeply interlinked -- regardless of where one may be in one's life and are important for our communities and state. 
Throughout her term, in additon to her legislative duties, she has continued to be involved with the community, working with both the elected officials and various community groups within the district. As a current member of the 98th Legislature, she sits on the House Standing Committees of Commerce and Trade, Health Policy and Workforce and Talent Development. On these three committees, she has been able to work closely on the very issues on which she ran for her first term and which she continues to address with dogged persistence and tireless dedication. Representative Geiss is also the Minority Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Adminstrative Rules. Representative Geiss is also a Minority Assistant Whip and a member of the Progressive Women's Caucus, the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus and the Michigan Legislative Hispanic Caucus. On the PWC and MLHC, Represntative Geiss holds leadership positions. Representative Geiss is also a Council of State Governments BILLD Fellow, and thus far, during her first term has worked with colleagues throughout the House, including across the aisle to work on and advance legislation and policy that strengthens our families, our community and our state. Throughout her first term, Rep. Geiss has consistently been available to, involved with and supportive of the communities that she represents including working with community leaders across the 12th House District, within our region and our county. Representative Geiss has never missed a committee vote nor a House votes, and when considering legislation before her, reads every bill, the policy and fiscal analyses and considers the impact on the community and the state and votes her conscience and her district.

Candidate head shot  Representative Geiss is the grand-daughter of Panamanian immigrants, is a resident of Taylor, Michigan, where she and her husband Doug are raising their two children. Even prior to becoming a member of the legislature, Geiss has been involved in the community having served on the Master Plan   Steering Committee for the City of Taylor (Fall 2007 to Spring 2008) and the Taylor Cultural Arts Commission (2010 to 2012). She serves on the Wayne County Council for the Arts, History and Humanities (WCCAAH) and the Tomasso Juglaris Autobiography Commission. She is also the vice president of PTO at her children's public elementary school, and has been active in the PTO for the past five school years. As a person with a strong committement to family and community in addition to her job, Representative Geiss not only does her job in Lansing, she makes the 180-minute round-trip home daily (with rare exception) to be in-district for community events and family committments. Geiss has
extensive experience working in the museum and higher-education fields (including Wayne County Community College District, where she is an adjunct faculty member, but not currently teaching classes), and as a small business owner in the publications field. Geiss is also a published author of countless articles and several books. Geiss earned her BA in Developmental Psychology from Brandeis University, where during the summer of 1992, she also served as the undergraduate liaison to the Task Force on the Curriculum. She earned her MA in Art and Architectural History from Tufts University in 1998. Geiss is a member of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), and the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and the Association of Art Editors (AAE).